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"To live would be an awfully big adventure." -J.M. Barrie, Peter Pan 

Let me make things with you - I really love doing it! 

About Me

[Ursuline College]  [Adjunct Faculty]

[Spring 2020]

Professor of Computer Aided Design, a class focused on teaching students the fundamentals of Adobe Illustrator and how to use this knowledge for the fashion industry.

[University Tees - Embroidery Department]  [Quality Control Inspector]

[Sept 2019]–[Present]

As an outgrowth of my love of sewing, I am excited to work in embroidery. In this position, I prepare garments before they go on the embroidery press, and do all the finishing work once the sewing is complete. 


[FOUNT]  [Machine Sewist]

[Sept 2018]–[Sept 2019]

This brand is based around luxury leather products, and I worked as a seamstress assembling these high-quality products on a production level. 


[Freelance Costume Builder]


This role I have taken on for a variety of companies. I have designed, drafted and sewn everything from pirate clothes to stretchy dance costumes and everything in between. The huge variety of requests keeps me well practiced and ready for anything. 

Companies I have worked for in this role: 

→ I Do Declare (Fashion Brand)

→ Elite Dance Academy (Touring Dance Teams)

→ Star Trek Continues (Web series)

→ South Tampa Trading Company (Gasperilla costume shop)


[Crochet Kitty]  [Seamstress]

[Summer 2019]

This company creates pet toys primarily for pet subscription box services, and I assisted in sewing between five and ten thousand pieces at a time to complete bulk orders. Efficiency and accuracy was a must, and I was also able to learn a bit about industrial sewing machines here as well. 


[God Save the Queen Fashions] [Intern Seamstress]

[Summer 2017]

In my role as an intern, I assisted in helping sew, cut, and create patterns for projects coming through the costume shop. I was able to work on everything from costumes to the popular Atlanta event Dragoncon to pieces ordered for films shooting in Atlanta at the time. My supervisor is well known for her work in both leather design and specialty catsuits, and I was able to dabble in both. 


[Happy Endings Lyric Players]  [Head Designer/Wardrobe Lead]

[Spring 2017]

I designed and created costumes for a local production of Beauty and the Beast which ran for just under two weeks. I designed and built each of the main cast costumes from scratch, including a wedding-calibur ballgown for Belle’s iconic golden gown and a playful rendition on Lumiere, the candlestick, in which he had working lights built into his prop candle hands. I also oversaw the acquisition of the background cast, for a total of about 30 costumes total. 


[Independent Stylist] [Stitch Fix]

[February 2016 - March 2019]

This position was completely remote, meaning I worked from home on my personal computer. As a stylist, I reviewed a client’s profile and then chose items I thought they would like to try based on her likes and body considerations. This position made it crucial to stay on top of current trends and trend forecasts to keep clients excited. 


[Star Trek Continues]  [Set Dresser & Assistant Designer]

[March 2014-January 2017]

As this film production functioned very similarly to a feature film set, I was able to gain experience in the wardrobe room cutting, sewing and finishing costumes that needed to be constructed, keeping the used costumes in good repair, dressing the cast, and performing any maintenance needed on garments as well. Outside of the wardrobe room, I stayed at the camera monitor to ensure that everything looked correct and as it should. 


Photo: Angela DelPrete


Sewing machines I am experienced with: 

Flat bed single needle 

Flat bed double needle

Cover stitch 


Cylinder arm 

Industrial and home embroidery



Drafting & Draping

Detail work

Eye for perfection 

Fiber arts - rigid heddle loom, rectangle loom, dyeing, weaving

Experienced with fabrics from fleece to leather

"You make glitter look

good, somehow."

Photo: Donald Huston

Photo: Donald Huston

Ursuline College

2014 - 2018: Graduated with Bachelor of Arts degree in Fashion Design


Fashion Design, 3.8 GPA, nominated for scholarships, internships, and opportunities. 


Awards: Ursuline College "Career Star" 

Computer Programs
  • Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Lightroom, Sony Vegas, Microsoft PowerPoint, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word


Photo: Donald Huston

Fashion Shows

2015 - present


Innovations '15 - Showed 3 looks

Sewing Expo Cleveland 2015 - Modeled

Amazing Arizona Comic Con - Showed 6 looks

Mayfield Community Center 2015 - Modeled

Sewing Expo Cleveland 2016 - Showed 5 looks, Modeled 

Innovations '16 - Associate Producer, Showed 10 looks

The Fall Fashion Fling October 2016 - Modeled

Chagrin Valley Country Club March 2017 - Modeled

Innovations '17 April 2017 - Showed collection, 2 individual looks

Innovations '18 April 2018 - Presented senior collection