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Make Your Product a Reality

As a seamstress based in Cleveland Ohio, I have experience working with clients both locally and through the mail. I can to bring your products to life, whether you need something simple or complex. I offer cutting, sewing, serging, pattern alteration, and finishing services to take you from pattern all the way to your customer. As an experienced seamstress with over a decade of expertise and time spent teaching under graduate students to sew, I'm confident in bringing you products both you and your customers will be delighted with. 

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Sewing & Assembly 

If you need help with assembly, you've come to the right place. I offer custom sewing services that give you beautiful, precise, and professional pieces for your business. I have produced many types of items, such as women's wear garments, baby clothing, bags and wearable accessories, pet toys, dance costumes, and a variety of others as well.


Send me the fabric of your choice and your pattern I will get it cut and prepped to be sewn with efficiency and accuracy. You can also request help choosing fabrics as well. I make sure that there is as little fabric waste as possible to save you money.


When you are ready to expand your business with a new product, reach out for a free estimate! I'd be happy to answer any questions you may have. 

Pattern Alteration

If you have a pattern that needs some tweaking, I can do that for you. Whether you need to move aesthetic details such as pocket, zipper, or trim placement, you need the size perfected, sleeves shortened or lengthened, I can make that happen. 


I give your products a beautiful, professional finish with finished, serged edges. With this, you ensure that your product is even more long lasting for your customer. 

Start to Finish

After cutting and assembly, I make sure your product is finished beautifully, whether that be with a hand-stitched closure, or a final pressing to make sure it is crisp and ready to sell. 

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